What if there were a way to keep the chi in your meridians flowing better?

I want to tell you about an energy healing device I keep with me 24/7. 

I was in Australia last year and went to see a spiritual teacher with a friend. We had to cross town, so we left early and we arrived early. So I was browsing the wide variety of goods for sale in the back of the converted church hall. There were the usual books, but I was amazed to see various energy healing trinkets.  One caught my attention and I asked about it. It was a titanium disk a little bigger than a silver dollar. The woman behind the table told me to hold out my hand. When the disc was placed in my palm a wave of peaceful/harmonious/calm energy passed through my entire body in about two seconds. I wanted a disc, but they were $400.  

A few days later I searched for the manufacturer online and in the results was the name of another, competing company. I waited until I returned to The States to call them. It turned out that the disc–actually a “pendant”–was so expensive because it was being distributed by multi-level marketing. This other company I found on the internet had the exact same technology at about 45% the cost. So I ordered one.

A week after I began using the pendant, the company president called me to tell me that the spiritual teacher, “Isira”, in Australia had contacted him to ask to try his pendant and wand. Another week later he contacted me to tell me tha Isira had switched from the multi-level marketing company (Amega) to his. This gave me complete trust in the pendant I had, because Isira clearly has a heightened awareness of “energy” and phenomena beyond this dimension.

Before I began using the pendant, I had not been working, but still I would feel stiff every morning. I would joke that I felt 90 years old for the first 5 minutes out of bed, 80 years old for the next 10 minutes, and 70 years old for the following 10, until I finally felt like I was 40 years old (even though I was 54 at the time–I am young for my age). Well, I got the pendant at the same time that I arrived at my Alaska cabin. Being at my Alaska cabin always means a lot of hard work, and this year was the hardest work in a long time. I had to jack one of my cabins up, pull the 17 log pilings out (they were 50 inches deep) and replace them with concrete. I worked almost every day, often 10 hour days, for 6 months (I also added a room), and never had one single morning of stiffness. I wore the pendant in my watch pocket every day, and slept with it every night.  

For the past few years I had been having gall bladder/liver pain from a rib injury that I got in martial arts. That pain disappeared after wearing the pendant. I also had been experiencing skips in my heart beat for several years. My heart would stop and miss a beat, then come back very strong for a few beats. This was a daily experience. After a few months wearing the pendant, I realized that I hadn’t experienced that in a while. Now I can’t even remember experiencing it in recent months.

After Alaska, I returned to California and began working out at a gym. I have done this many times and I know how long it takes to get back in shape even though my body was used to work. Typically it takes me 3 weeks of workouts before I can begin training hard enough to get into good shape, and then, after another 3 weeks, I can work out hard. After only 3 weeks I felt strong enough to work out hard. I think it was because my recovery time was reduced. I was doing a lot of yoga too, and doing better than ever at it–able to relax into the stretches more so that I could extend my attention throughout my entire body.

My gym shorts have a key pocket that I never noticed before–just right for the pendant to slide into.

So, I will tell you that the pendant gave me greater musculoskeletal ease, increased flexibility and strength, and increased organ function, just as the company suggests.

I am now an affiliate with the company in Canada that distributes these pendants. I am thinking that if I am to be recommending these to people, I should get a commission from doing so, and they offer that option.

So if you use this link to visit the site, the company will give me credit, should you make a purchase. And if you recommend the pendant to a friend, please pass on this link. It routs the path through a company that records the referral to me.

The link :

 Auric Energy Healing’s website

The URL is:  

Auric gives a 45 day money-back guarantee, so I recommend that you try it.  I also recommend that you bring yourself to full presence and awareness of your energetic body before you hold the pendant for the first time. My experience is that the shift happens very quickly, and is easy to miss.  If you have the ability, I’d even recommend that you have another person unpack the pendant and heat it to body temperature for you while you meditate and tune in to your energetic state, then hold out your hand and have them place it in your hand. The warmed pendant will prevent the cold metal from distracting you.

It seems that after the initial contact, normal people have a hard time feeling the “subtle energy,” so your first moment with the pendant is your opportunity.

Pay attention.

I met an energetic healer in Alaska this past summer and I asked her to hold my pendant. She said it was very powerful, and said she could feel my energy in it.

Donald at Auric tells me that these pendants will radiate the energy for about 25 years or more, so it seems that it costs about a penny a day. There are 2 kinds of pendant. The one I use is called “Pranic Balance” and is used for physical well-being. The other is called “Bliss,” and is more for emotional well-being. If you have mood swings or problems with depression, the Bliss pendant is worth a try.

There is a lot of information on the website for you to read about this technology, it’s origin with a Russian physicist, and people’s experiences with it. The main product is the “Infinity wand.” The wand is effective with some types of pain and problems and not so effective with others, and I am not sure how to explain that. It seems that new injuries are easier to heal than old ones, and I have very few new injuries and lots of old ones.  It also seems that pain that is simple and local (eg: you banged your toe) is easier to heal than complicated ones (elbow tendonitis resulting from diminished chi supply due to muscular holding patterns from several old shoulder injuries combined with a problem with the tooth that corresponds to the meridian serving that elbow).  The bottom line is that to use the wand, you have to USE it. You have to spend time with it working the area and maintain you intention to heal at the same time. I find that most people don’t want to take time to experiment with such things. 

The pendants are not designed for healing, but for increased well-being. They are for individual use only. They meld with your personal energy, so you should not allow others to try it. It is yours.  The wand can be used by anyone, though “cleaning” them is recommended if they are to be shared. These tools are cleaned of stagnant and negative energies by a few minutes of running water, a few hours of sunlight or exposure to an amethyst crystal bed (organized energy). 

Auric has packages for couples to each have their own pendant and share a wand. Good Deal!

Some people have trouble sleeping with the pendant at first, but gradually get used to it.

Auric also sells a EMF protection pad for your cell phone.  I use one.  People ask if it works. I answer that I am not sensitive enough to know. But I have read enough to know that no one should hold a cell phone to their head with any regularity, and any diminishing of cell phone radiation has to be a good thing.


While in hypnotherapy school, I learned about many discoveries in consciousness research that blew my mind. After school I continued to study. Eventually I came to realize that all of existence is information. We exist in an incomprehensibly perfect and vast soup of information. We are like a program designed to experience what we call physical reality as we do. We interpret our surrounding information in such a way.

Conscious has been proven to have an effect on that information. Much of the work I do is to help people align their consciousness to support changes they wish to make. Many of those changes regard physical changes to their body–what we call healing.

As humanity evolves, and we become aware of the power of our consciousness to influence the information we perceive as reality, I expect humans to eventually design a new process to replace the growing and killing of plants and animals for food to sustain our bodies. But for now we need to eat healthy food to be healthy and to support healing.

Healing, returning to wholeness, requires an environment of both mental and physical wholeness. Mental wholeness can be fostered through work with the subconscious mind, re-educating our minds, bringing all aspects of the mind into harmony and unification towards a goal. Physical wholeness requires healthy water, air, and nutrition, as well as a healthy energetic environment free of destructive radiation. Of these, nutrition–food–has the most direct and immediate effect on our bodies, and we make choices about what to eat every day, without the need for analysis by instrumentation.

So our food choices are immensely important in regaining and maintaining health.

This perfect soup of information we exist in contained all we needed for health. But now it is being manipulated and distorted by some humans, so unfortunately it is now incumbent upon us to educate ourselves so that we can choose healthy food. For this reason, diet and nutrition has been the subject of this blog so far. Hypnotherapy can help you make dramatic improvements in your health, but it ain’t magic–yet. Proper nutrition is still essential.

Imagine you mind to be a construction crew, and your food the building materials. Hypnotherapy can instruct and organize the crew to do the best work possible, but what kind of house can they build and maintain, and how long will the work take, if they are forced to build with defective materials?

In this blog entry I offer you some insight into the problem of Genetically Modified Organisms in our food. Ten years ago I spearheaded the local effort of a Greenpeace campaign to petition Safeway supermarkets to take GMOs out of their name brand packaged foods, 70% of which contained GMOs. We did it at Halloween, calling the contaminated foods “Frankenfoods.” Back then, researchers had mostly suspicions and few facts, but my intuition told me that genetic engineering of food was a dangerous experiment.

Recently I took a week to cleanse my digestive system at the Optimum Health Institute. During my week there I had 3 colonic irrigation sessions. You will find it amusing that one converses with the colonic therapist during the process just as one would converse with a barber. The subject of food allergies arose. The therapist told me that she suspects that GMOs are the cause of the dramatic rise in allergies and “sensitivities” in this country. She said that in europe, where GMO foods are banned, many Americans with allergies/sensitivities can eat freely with no problems. When I heard that, my intuition told me she was on to something. Sure enough, in the next two weeks information came my way to confirm, and I am passing it on to you.

Please watch, read and act.

First, here are some links for you to learn how you can act to protect the health of our food supply. (See them after you watch and read.)

Next, watch this 13 minute video “newscast”:


“GMOs have been linked with intestinal and reproductive damage, food allergies, and even increased infant mortality! A GMO, or a genetically modified organism, was developed in a laboratory for agricultural purposes to help crops tolerate herbicides or work as a self-generating insecticide.

It should come as no surprise that genetically modified foods cause deep toxicity within the body. For instance, the genetic information found in GM soy can actually transfer to the bacteria into our inner ecosystem. GM foods have contributed to the development of many common diseases in the US, including premature aging, immune imbalances, gastrointestinal problems, organ damage, and more.”


And here is this transcript of a recent interview with International bestselling author and filmmaker Jeffery Smith, a leading spokesperson on the dangers of genetically modified organisms or GMOs.  Jeffrey is author of the world’s bestselling book on GMOs, Seeds of Deception; Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You Are Eating.

This information is essential:

Jeffrey Smith Interview

John Robbins: Today Monsanto and its allies continue to fight ferociously every attempt to require labeling of foods made from genetically modified seeds. They say there is no reason for the public to be concerned but many people and certainly many of our listeners are in fact deeply concerned. Do they have reason to be?

Jeffrey Smith: Yes John, they certainly do. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine reviewed just the animal feeding studies that have been published in peer reviewed journals and found that the animals that were fed the same GMOs that are in our diet had reproductive disorders, immune system problems, gastrointestinal problems, accelerated aging, organ damage and dysfunctional regulation of cholesterol and insulin. On top of that we have story after story of animals; livestock as well as pets that have been taken from a GMO diet and put onto a non-GMO diet and their behavior improves. The death rate goes down. The stillborn rate goes down, litter size goes up. The use of medication goes down and now we have many doctors and their patients saying that when the patients avoid GMOs a lot of their symptoms go away as well.

John Robbins: We see GMOs linked to toxic and allergic reactions in humans, to sickness, sterility and fatalities in livestock, to damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals and yet the biotech industry continues to say that the health fears have been disproven. I heard one recently say that a trillion GMO meals have been served and not a single case of GMO induced illness has turned up.  How do you respond to that kind of statement?

Jeffrey Smith: Well this is one of the most unscientific statements that are made by the biotech proponents.  First of all we do know of a genetically modified food supplement in the 1980s that was responsible for the deaths of about a hundred Americans and caused five to ten thousand to fall sick or become permanently disabled. It was a genetically engineered bacteria that was designed to produce L-tryptophan, an amino acid used for stress and insomnia.  It was only the brand that was genetically engineered that was responsible for this deadly epidemic. What was telling was that it took four years to discover that the epidemic was actually taking place. It took four years even though the symptoms were screaming to be discovered. The disease was new, acute and fast acting. If the GMO crops on the market don’t have all three simultaneous characteristics, if they are simply producing an increase rate of existing disease like cancer or heart disease or diabetes, if they are producing non-acute reactions or reactions that take place over many years or generations, we would never be able to identify GMOs as the cause. So the statement that GMOs have not caused any problem is basically that they haven’t been looking for it and that there is no way to identify it with no post-marketing surveillance, no human clinical trials, not even long term animal feeding studies.

John Robbins: It sometimes seems to be that not only are we not looking for it but the system has been set up to make it harder for anyone who wanted to look to actually be able to identify and isolate any difficulties were ensuing.

Jeffrey Smith: That’s true for a number of reasons. First of all the scientists that want to do research are often denied access to the patented seeds by the companies that own them. Second, when scientists do discover problems they are often fired, stripped of responsibilities, threatened, forced out, denied funding or denied tenure and we have documented this over and over again.  When the Russian Academy of Science’s senior researcher Irina Ermakova discovered that when she fed female rats genetically modified soy more than half of their babies died within three weeks. They were sterile and were also quite a bit smaller.  She told me that her boss under pressure from his boss forbid her from doing any further GMO research. There were methods used to try to intimidate her, documents stolen from her laboratory and burnt on her desk, samples stolen. One of her colleagues tried to comfort her by saying “well maybe the GM soy will solve the overpopulation problem”.  She wasn’t impressed.  She is just one of numerous scientists that have been basically silenced and in one case physically attacked as occurred to Andreas Korazko. An organized mob of over 100 attacked him and his friends when he tried to give a talk on the birth defect links to Roundup, Monsanto’s herbicide used in conjunction with Roundup ready crops.

John Robbins: Many of Monsanto’s GMO crops have been engineered to withstand massive sprayings of Roundup, the company’s proprietary herbicide. I have seen ads where Monsanto claims Roundup is biodegradable and it is safe. What is the actual environmental and health impact of Roundup?

Jeffrey Smith: Well Monsanto got convicted of false advertising when they used to say that it was biodegradable and that was a New York Court but that didn’t stop them from saying the same thing in Europe until the French Court then nailed them and got them to pay a fine for false advertising. Roundup, it turns out, is linked not only to birth defects but cancer, endocrine disruption, smaller sperm counts, abnormal sperm and a host of other disorders. It was originally patented as a broad spectrum chelator which means it binds with nutrients and does not make them available to plants. When it is sprayed on plants it deprives those plants of nutrients making them weaker and then it promotes pathogens in the soil which kill the plant. So it creates a perfect storm of disease and death. The largest proportion of the diet of livestock in the United States are Roundup Ready crops; soy, corn, cottonseed meal, canola meal, sugar beet pulp and alfalfa.  Now they are eating nutrient deficient crops and there is a universal deficiency of some nutrients now in the livestock in the US.  We eat these sick and nutrient deficient animals, we eat the nutrient deficient Roundup Ready crops and we eat the crops that have higher levels of Roundup which not only has toxicity directly to us but it can also then chelate or bind with nutrients in our body depriving us of those very, very important nutrients. Roundup is now found in air samples, rain samples, water samples, in our urine. It is found in our blood, it is found in the blood of fetuses and it is dangerous in very minute concentrations, in fact there was some recent evidence that it kills gut bacteria that is beneficial.  In fact, within cows it kills the gut bacteria that keeps down the population of botulism and so there is an upsurge supposedly of botulism now in cows and possibly also in the human population linked to the all-pervasive Roundup in our diets.

John Robbins: As bad as Roundup is, I am seeing something worse on the horizon because as its use has been increasing it is obviously increasing herbicide tolerant weeds forcing farmers to switch to other chemicals including the acutely toxic 2,4-D.  Most of us are familiar with this as the primary ingredient in Agent Orange. It seems like something out of a bad science fiction movie but is it actually true that Dow Chemical wants to solve the problem by creating corn and soybeans that are resistant to 2, 4-D which would lead to millions of acres of US farmland being sprayed with a chemical warfare agent notorious for causing birth defects and cancer?

Jeffrey Smith: You are absolutely right John, it is stranger than fiction and this is their response to the inevitable emergence of herbicide tolerant weeds, Roundup Ready weeds have emerged on over 13 million acres in the United States.  Instead of acknowledging that this whole system is not appropriate and going back to more sustainable programs and approaches they are introducing these Agent Orange crops which are guaranteed to flood our bodies and our environment with this acutely toxic Agent Orange component. It is an example of the kind of skewed thinking and profit driven thinking of the industrial model of agriculture that completely ignores the consequences for health, environment, wildlife and future generations. Even the introduction of GMOs as you know on its own right without its associated chemicals for these herbicide tolerant crops, we are putting genes into the environment where we have no technology to fully recall them.  The genes already released become self-propagating pollution in the gene pool and can outlast the effects of global warming and nuclear waste.  On top of that they affect everyone who eats and so the exposure and the risk of GMOs to all living beings and all future generations are unprecedented in our history.

John Robbins: We have seen since the introduction of widespread use of GMOs a substantial increase in food allergy rates, particularly in kids.  Do you see a connection, and if so, what do you base that on?

Jeffrey Smith: I definitely see a connection.  Soon after GM soy was introduced to the UK soy allergies skyrocketed by 50%.  It was not followed up to see if GMO soy was the cause but there are many reasons why. For example, there are high residues of Roundup in the soy which could lead to intolerance.  There is as much as a seven times increase in a known allergen in soy called trypsin inhibitor that might cause the alarming increase. There was a new allergen found in the GM soy compared to a non-GM wild type of soy and that might cause the problem.  When mice were fed GM soy there was damage to the pancreatic cells which caused a reduction in the production of digestive hormones or digestive aids and if it takes longer times to breakdown proteins then it means it gives the patients a longer chance to create an allergic reaction. Even the Roundup Ready protein has properties of a dust mite allergen, so if you are allergic to dust you might be allergic to Roundup.  Now that is just the Roundup Ready crops.  If you look at the Bt crops, these are crops designed to produce their own insecticide that breaks open the stomach of insects and kills them.  The Bt toxin comes from soil bacteria and it is used in farming just as a spray but the genetic engineers take the gene that produces the toxin and insert it into corn and cotton plants.  Well this Bt toxin is known in its natural state to create immune responses and allergic type responses.  When it was sprayed for Gypsy Moth infestation in the Pacific Northwest about 500 people had allergy or flu like symptoms and some had to go to the hospital.  When it was fed to mice they had immune system responses.  Now mice fed the Bt corn are getting massive immune responses.  Farm workers in India by the thousands are getting allergic reactions and rashes all over their bodies from just touching the Bt cotton and we see animals grazing on the Bt cotton after harvest in India are dying by the thousands. So I think that the Bt toxin that is inserted into these crops may also be causing allergic reactions.  In addition, the process of insertion of the gene and the cloning of the cell into a plant causes massive collateral damage turning some genes on, shutting some genes off.  Monsanto’s most popular Bt corn for example has a gene that was switched on accidentally that produced a known allergen called gamezin (sp). So we might be having allergic reactions to corn only if it is genetically engineered but not if it is not genetically engineered because of this massive collateral damage. Any of these reasons might be causing allergic reactions to increase not only to the GMOs but to other products as well because there is evidence by increasing the allergic reactions to one, you may end up being sensitized to other formerly harmless foods.

John Robbins: If someone eats Bt corn for example, is it possible for the gene that codes for the production of Bt to somehow transfer to gut bacteria in the human intestine?

Jeffrey Smith: Actually this is the subject of the only human feeding study ever published and it wasn’t on Bt, it was on the Roundup Ready soybean. They found that in fact part of that Roundup Ready gene did transfer to the bacteria living inside our intestines and that these folks had Roundup Ready gut bacteria suggesting that the gene once transferred continued to function.  Now they didn’t follow up to see if the Bt toxin gene also transfers but this is probably a critical, critical question that if the gene from corn chips for example that normally produces a toxin transfers to our gut bacteria, it might turn our gut bacteria, our intestinal flora into living pesticide factories producing Bt toxin over and over again. Now we already discussed the fact that Bt toxin might be an allergen, but it gets worse. The reasons it kills insects is that, as  we mentioned, it breaks open their stomach. It pokes holes in the cell walls of their digestive track.  Now, according to the biotech industry this should only happen to insects and not to humans. That was until last month when new research at The Journal of Applied Toxicology showed that it happens also in humans, that it pokes holes in the cell membranes creating pores in the human cells causing leakiness.  Now it may be that eating Bt toxin and especially if it turns our intestinal flora into living pesticide factories that it is eroding the lining of our intestinal walls and our stomach lining.  According to numerous medical reports and scientists that if we have permeable intestines, permeable guts, then undigested food particles will go into the bloodstream which can trigger allergic reactions, autoimmune disease, inflammation and some people link it to autism.

Now in addition to that, the biotech industry also falsely claim that Bt toxin was destroyed in the digestive process but that was disproved last year when a study came out in Canada showing that 93% of pregnant women have Bt toxin in their blood in this study and 80% of their unborn fetuses did as well.  Now this may be in such high concentrations because the gut bacteria of these humans may be producing the Bt toxin on a regular basis.  If we have colonized the gut bacteria of North Americans with Bt toxin producing genes, it might explain the huge rise in gastrointestinal problems including the 40% increase in inflammatory bowel disease since GMOs were introduced, the multiple chronic illnesses that were on the rise from 7% to 13% in the first nine years of GMOs, the increase in food allergies, in autism, in a whole spectrum of diseases because this is a fundamental problem that could affect the immune system, the digestive system, the development of babies, etcetera.

John Robbins: The risks that we are taking are obviously immense and the justification that Monsanto and its allies have been proposing for years is that we need these crops to feed the world. They have been promising us crops that would grow in drought conditions, in saline soils, crops that would be nutritionally superior, that would act as medicines. They have been promising us increased yields, that their crops would lower the use of pesticides.  Almost none of that has actually occurred. Last December, as you know, the USDA approved Monsanto’s first ever supposedly drought resistant crop.  However, according to the USDA report this genetically modified corn only works under conditions of fairly moderate drought. Now we already have conventional corn varieties that substantially outperform this GMO corn in serious drought conditions.  So it seems to me that Monsanto’s greatly hyped and new supposedly drought resistant corn is actually no improvement at all.  Would you agree with that?

Jeffrey Smith: Absolutely. In fact, this is just a long string of promises that they have been using as an excuse for their technology since it was introduced. I talked to a former Monsanto representative, Kirk Azevedo, who actually was recruited into Monsanto and agreed to go only after reading the words of then CEO Robert Shapiro who talked about these glowing promises. When he went to the employee orientation meeting at Monsanto’s headquarters in St. Louis he got up and described how excited he was and re-quoted the words of Robert Shapiro and all these things about helping the world.  After the meeting a Vice President pulled him over and said “Wait a minute. What Robert Shapiro says is one thing. What we do is something else. He is the front man that tells a story.  We don’t even know what he is talking about. We are here to make money.”  The experts in feeding the world also agree that GMOs have nothing to offer currently feeding the world eradicating poverty or creating sustainable agriculture and this was apparent in the ISTAD (sp) report which was authored by more than 400 scientists and signed on by the 58 different countries.  In fact, I was at a meeting of the experts of Feeding the World in Des Moines a couple of years ago and Secretary Vilsack gave a talk.  I asked him from the audience about GMOs and he started talking about it and when he started talking about the “Feed the World” angle this very prestigious group of Ph.D.’s and experts started to boo and hiss him.  He immediately backed off and said “Well I am just saying what people told me,” because these experts knew for sure that this was just a PR line.

John Robbins: Well it has been a PR line that has been repeated so many times that it actually reminds me a little bit of Joseph Goebbels’ comment that if you tell a big enough lie often enough, people will believe it.  I think in this case people believe it because they want to believe it. It would be so wonderful if in fact this was the technology that would help us feed our growing numbers but there seems to be no evidence that it is doing that, that it does increase yields or is able to be grown in serious drought conditions or saline soils or any of these promises. They seem to have not proven out.  So that presents us with a moment in time in which this collision between the promises and their failure to be materialized is becoming more and more widely known. There are more and more people who are awakening to the threats and are deeply concerned about this.  You, as much as anyone I know, have your finger on the pulse of the effort to awaken people to what is going on and, for example, require the labeling at the very least of untested genetically engineered foods. Will you say something to our listeners about the efforts that are taking place today to require labeling?

Jeffrey Smith: We have seen an upsurge of awareness and concern about GMOs at unprecedented levels in the United States and the demand for labeling is one of the expressions of that new thinking.  It has been introduced as a bill in 19 States so far in 2012 in the Legislative sessions. I gave a press conference with both Republicans and Democrats in the Statehouse in Hartford, Connecticut to support a bill there. Many other States are introducing it. I think the biggest chance of success happens to be in California where it is not being introduced as a bill, because then you go up against the influenced peddling and lobbying of Monsanto and friends, but as a ballet initiative where the population of California can vote for their best interest demanding labeling. So any product that contains a GM derivative will be requiring labeling and that should be on the ballot in November. They are gathering the signatures now and they are on track to put it on the ballot. So it is a very exciting opportunity.  93% of Americans want GMOs labeled but more significantly 53% of Americans say they wouldn’t eat GMOs if they were labeled. Now the major food companies in the United States of have already removed GMOs from their European brands because of a tipping point of consumer rejection that occurred there, not because of the Government mandate but because Nestle and Hershey and McDonald’s did not want to lose sales. If they see that 53% of Americans or even a fraction from that are going to remove their brands from their shelves if they contain GMOs and they know it, then these companies would rather eliminate GMOs rather than admit that they use them.  So this will be a watershed moment when labeling is required in a major State like California. We expect it to be ushering in the tipping point of consumer rejection which we have been working for.

John Robbins: Well we are working for that and I know all of our listeners are heartened by that effort.  One of the most alarming environmental developments of our time may be linked to GMOs.  I don’t know if it is.  I want to hear your thoughts on it.  I am talking about Colony Collapse Disorder. Commercial beekeepers in the country are saying their industry is on the verge of collapse. The food crops that are dependent on bees for pollination include most of our fruits and many of our vegetables. There is now convincing evidence I would say that nicotine derived insecticides marketed by the German agrichemical giant Bayer are the primary culprits.  The question is, is there a relationship and if so what is it between GMO corn and these insecticides?

Jeffrey Smith: The corn seeds have these systemic insecticides and the GMO corn seeds have a much higher concentration, up to five fold, compared to the normal seeds. So yes, there is definitely a relationship where the impact on the bees is greater when they plant these genetically modified corn seeds. Now in addition there are higher levels of the Colony Collapse Disorder in the US compared to other countries that could also be exacerbated by the direct impact of bees gathering pollen from corn fields of genetically modified corn.  We have two data points to support this.  One showed in Germany that the pollen from the corn, the genes within that pollen, the genetically modified genes transferred into the DNA of the microorganisms living inside the gut of the bee, just like it happens in humans.  In addition, there was a study that showed that the experimental bee that gathered pollen from the corn that was genetically engineered that was creating the Bt toxin, that these bees ended up succumbing to a viral infection where the controls did not, suggesting that the Bt, although it wouldn’t kill them directly, it might compromise their immune system allowing them to be more susceptible to diseases and disorders. So there is that and plus the fact that many bees are fed high fructose corn syrup during the winter because they take all of their honey for the winter and that is another way to possibly use the GMO to exacerbate and harm their health.  So we don’t have any smoking gun on this.  I think the nicotine derived pesticides are the likely cause but GMOs will be a supporting player I think in this drama.

John Robbins: Well they use these insecticides, the nicotine derived ones, nicotinoids I believe they are called.

Jeffrey Smith: Yes, neonicotinoids.

John Robbins: They use these to coat the seeds prior to planting and they use higher concentrations of these poisons in the GMO seeds. Is there some technical reason for the GMO seed requiring more of the insecticide coating prior to planting than the normal seeds?

Jeffrey Smith: Well yes, they have a genetically modified trait, the Bt toxin, that kills the corn root worm. When they tested it they found that the amount of Bt toxin was insufficient to protect the roots at the early stage of germination and growth. So it left the plant vulnerable for probably a few weeks. I am not sure the exact amount of time.  So for these particular plants they use the neonicatinoids which are on a time released program coated in a certain way on the seeds so that they go into the plants themselves and release over several days and weeks, they put a higher concentration of that so that it takes up what the Bt toxin is missing in the beginning until it has matured enough for the Bt toxin to take over. That is why there is as much as five times the amount because they work in combination with the Bt toxin that kicks in later.

John Robbins: So if it is taken into the seed, it goes into the land, it is going to be expressed in the pollen that the bees collect.

Jeffrey Smith: Yes but even before that because it might hurt the bees before the pollen is created which is later in the cycle of the plant.  When the farmers deliver the seeds and plant them there is a dust that goes up that ends up on the other crops that the bees will pollinate including daffodil or dandelions and they have been able to measure levels of this insecticide as a result of that dust in the bees that have died and also in their hives.  In addition, in the mornings they will secrete a liquid in the plant that sort of beads up on certain aspects of the plant. When the bees who have been fanning the Queen and keeping the air conditioning system all night going, go out in the morning to get some nutrients right away, they go to the nearest plant, they drink that liquid.  That liquid contains the neonicatinoid insecticide. That is another vector, another way that they can get it into their bodies. So whether it is the dust or this liquid that beads up, or as you say, the pollen, all of those provide a perfect storm for increasing the exposure.  What happens is the bees can either die directly or they can lose the ability to find their way back to the hive, which is one of the signature characteristics of Colony Collapse Disorder where you have empty hives.  The bees just can’t figure out a way to get back and they die on the ground.

John Robbins: Jeffrey, you see the dangers as clearly and you articulate them as clearly as anybody I have ever come across and I thank you and I know our listeners thank you for that.  How do you live with this knowledge of what we as a culture are doing to our world, to our health, to the planet, to the whole web of life really?  You see it with a level of specificity and clarity that would overwhelm many people.  What keeps you going?  How do you retain your strength in the face of the obstacles and the discouragements that are inevitably part of this activism?

Jeffrey Smith: John, I am actually very optimistic.  We saw what happened in Europe in 1999 when the gag order was lifted on Dr. Árpád Pusztai.  He was a researcher evaluating how to test for the safety of GMOs under a UK Government Grant.  His protocols were supposed to be implemented into the EU law for evaluation of subsequent approvals.  He discovered quite accidentally that GMOs were unsafe, went public with his concerns, was fired from his job, gagged with threats and maligned and attacked for seven months.  But when his gag order was lifted by an Order of Parliament the media had a firestorm of articles, over 700 within a month in England alone about GMOs and that consumer awareness about GMOs and their possible health impacts was sufficient to create a tipping point of consumer rejection, just that ten weeks after the gag order was lifted virtually every major food company committed to stop using GM ingredients within a single week.  We saw also that as we and others educated consumers about the health risks of Bovine Growth Hormone that you have written about so articulately, how it is linked to cancer.  We educated people in the United States about that and it has been kicked out of Wal-Mart and Starbucks and Yoplait and Dannon and most American dairies. Now if you look at the numbers John, how many people are necessary to avoid brands that containing GM ingredients to drive a GMO tipping point here?  We think that any drop in market share whatsoever that a Kraft Food Manager can attribute to the growing anti-GMO sentiment in the United States would be sufficient like an industry cell signal to cause them to quickly abandon GM ingredients here.  To get a drop in market share that they can identify as GMO related we think we need only about 5% of US shoppers avoiding GM ingredients.  15 million Americans, 5.6 million households, we think and many people think that it should be somewhere around there that should do the trick.  Now I have been working on this issue since 1996 and the last two or three years we have seen the signs of a coming tipping point.  Non-GMO labels are one of the fastest growing label claims in America in food products sold in grocery stores.  We see supermarket news having predicted this unprecedented upsurge of consumer awareness and concern.  We saw unprecedented media coverage in 2010 with the threat of GE salmon and the threat and then approval of the alfalfa and the sugar beets and then again with super weeds. We are seeing now the expression of this anti-GMO sentiment, not only in the labeling bills and ballot initiatives but in the march on Washington last year, the rallies held at State houses all over the country.  We now have millions of people engaged for the first time.  I think we are seeing a food revolution in the area of GMOs like never before and I think it is just a matter of time before this gets kicked out and I don’t think the time is very far because this does not require policy change.  Certainly if we get labeling that will be an acceleration of the tipping point but even without a labeling law in place we have a non-GMO shopping guide at We have an IPhone application called Shop No GMO.  We have so many people now trying to avoid GMOs, thousands of doctors prescribing non-GMO diets, mothers protecting their kids, religious groups protecting on the basis of their religious beliefs, we see a change on the horizon.  It is already happening.  We have now organized thousands of people in our tipping point network of activists we have trained over 750 people to speak on GMOs in our ten hour training program.  We are seeing a change right now.  So actually, when you talk about what keeps me going I think it is the fact that we are seeing tremendous success.  Our strategy of informing people and helping them avoid GMOs and to get engaged is working and I think I am going to put myself out of a job very soon.

John Robbins: Well I hope you do and I hope our listeners join you in putting you out of a job and I know they will actually.  I want to repeat one thing that you said which is that a shopping guide to avoid GMOs is available at I also want to remind our listeners that Jeffrey has a website,, where you can learn a great deal more about Jeffrey’s extraordinarily important work.

please watch the documentary “Seeds of Death”at:

Achieving Good Health: eliminating sugars

Posted: March 10, 2012 by tomareed in diet and nutrition

After reading the last post, a subscriber noted my advice to avoid sugars and sent me this link to an excellent lecture about the sugar “fructose.”

As a young oarsman (rowing was my high school sport) I knew I needed three qualities to win. The first was excellent health and conditioning that would allow my body to perform at peak levels. The second was excellent technique and timing. The third was a mind that not only knew victory was available, but that did not buckle in the presence of severe discomfort, allowing peak performance all the way to the finish line.

At the age of 14 (1970) I quit drinking sodas and began an interest in nutritional beverages. The first was Ovaltine, which boasted a long list of vitamins on the label, and then came Shaklee’s high protein drink powder. At the time, this was a cutting-edge product. I kept up with the new products as they came out, but it took me many years to realize that the sugars in these drinks were not helping me.

I continued both intense physical activity and my interest in nutrition throughout my life, but it wasn’t until the mid 1990’s, during intense training as a second-degree black-belt martial artist, that I gained insight about sugar. Then I was exposed to a powerful probiotic supplement containing several strains of soil-based organisms which brought my intestinal flora into balance. I finally understood, from experience, how sugars feed yeasts in the intestines. I “quit” eating sugar. The quotation marks are the segue to tell you it took me ten years before I had absolutely no interest in sweet things. The story of those years is full of my own, “OK, just one bite” “I can handle a taste,” etc., as well as other’s, “Are you kidding me? You don’t eat sugar?” and variations of concerns for what disease I must have, or how I am missing out on one of the greatest pleasures of life. So the third quality I needed as an oarsman came in handy, allowing me to stay the course. I don’t think I ever convinced anyone to quit eating sugar, despite the abundance of popular books and articles on the dangers of sugar, especially the negative effects it has on the immune system.

Now, many years later, I am in the business of helping people to thrive. Many people are overweight and would like to slim down and get into shape. Hypnotherapy is an essential element of this process. The subconscious mind can harbor many strategies to maintain excess weight and maintain cravings for foods. For this reason, a Hypnotherapeutic weight loss program often allows profound personal growth, as the origins of these strategies are revealed and reconciled.

One of the most important qualities that a person needs to be victorious in achieving any goal they work on with hypnotherapy is the desire to change.

That desire is the foundation that can logically expand to help a person enjoy taking the steps to change.

I am not off on a tangent. Victory, addiction to tastes, personal growth, weight loss,–it’s all about desire.

When you eat sugar it triggers production of your brain’s natural opioids — a key ingredient in the addiction process. Your brain essentially becomes addicted to stimulating the release of its own opioids as it would to morphine or heroin.”  Dr. Joseph Mercola

So, you see the desire to eat sweets can be strong and difficult to overcome. In hypnotherapy we can come to understand the desire for sweets and, for those who are overweight, the possible subconscious desire to be so. We can then give a priority to the desires to care for oneself, live healthily, and eat well.

But as powerful as it can be, hypnotherapy is not magic. Back in the 90’s, when I used the powerful probiotic, I learned that you cannot fight the enemy and feed it at the same time. In this case, you cannot be healthy and eat sugar, especially fructose, at the same time.

This is why my first recommendation to anyone wanting to improve their health is to eliminate sugars, especially fructose (and it’s more evil twin, agave).


If you want to know why you need to eliminate fructose, watch this lecture:

And do not use artificial sweeteners! If you need to satisfy cravings for sweets try stevia or the new substitute Luo Han extract.

If you have the desire to be healthy, eat well and exercise, but have trouble actually doing it, there may be subconscious programs preventing you from success, in which case, I can help you.


“… the war on drugs has taken a back seat, but not because it has been won. Rather, because a different war has cluttered the headlines — the war on obesity. And a substance even more insidious, I would argue, has supplanted cocaine and heroin. The object of our current affliction is sugar. Who could have imagined that something so innocent, so delicious, so irresistible — just one glucose molecule (not so sweet) plus one fructose molecule (very sweet) — could propel America toward economic deterioration and medical collapse?”

Dr. Robert Lustig, professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco, in The Atlantic:

Here’s an excellent article on how fructose sugar makes you stupid:

If your whole mind is aligned for you to thrive, and if you supply your body with the necessary nutrients, and if you give your body the exercise it needs, and if you cleanse your body of accumulated toxins, and if you care for your bioenergetic system you WILL thrive.

In this post I give you another piece of the puzzle to help you learn about supplying your body with the necessary nutrients.

Hypnotherapy is the best way to access the subconscious mind and bring all aspects of yourself into alignment.

Because of the variety of bodies, everyone should find an exercise program that suits them, but walking is the basic form of exercise that most people can and should do. My opinion is that walking with somatic awareness actually serves as a “reset” mechanism to release holding patterns.

Cleansing is another subject that demands addressing an individual’s requirements. obviously different toxins will require different cleansing methods that will need to be researched. But one general form of regular cleansing is the sauna. I recommend a weekly sauna followed by the intake of electrolytes (I can provide you with bioavailable minerals).

Diet also must be suited to the individual’s needs, but to begin, realize that we have been culturally programmed to accept processed “foods” as food. Return to the basics. A human being is “designed” to consume water, plants and animals from its environment. That’s all. This system is so complex that there is no possibility for substitute. For example, our intestines are only healthy when they are inoculated with bacteria from the environment. “Soil-based organisms” enter our gut when we eat freshly-picked plants from healthy soil.

Changing diet can be difficult for people. Hypnotherapy is the best and fastest way to address the difficulties that are presented by deeply-rooted beliefs about self and food and craving and satisfaction. It can be beneficial to change diet incrementally. As a first step, I recommend eliminating sugar from your diet. Not only sucrose, but maltose, fructose, etc., and DO NOT use artificial sweeteners. If you need to ween yourself from sweets, try stevia.

A documentary has been made on the subject of food and diet. I think it will be a valuable contribution to our quest for the right diet. search for the title “Hungry for Change”.

Assisting you to Thrive,

Tom Reed, CHt