My work is in helping people to thrive. Primarily, I do so by guiding people to gain insight and awareness by contacting their own subconscious mind. This blog serves to provide the information required to assist people who are making changes. Often the entries are based on scientific discoveries.

The blog began when recent clients needed nutritional information to support their quest for optimum health, but I foresee posting information to assist thriving on the mental, spiritual, and energetic levels as well.

It is my suspicion that we are here to contribute, in our own unique way, to the spiritual evolution of humanity. I suspect that in order to do so, our challenge is to first succeed at overcoming what limits us from thriving, and this includes both subconscious programming as well as ignorance  of information that can assist us.

We can overcome subconscious programming through the hypnotherapeutic process, and we can overcome our lack of information by research. Because I am alert for new information to help us to thrive, I’ve created this blog to post what I find.

You will find my websites that provide more information on my work at www.tomreed.com


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