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If your whole mind is aligned for you to thrive, and if you supply your body with the necessary nutrients, and if you give your body the exercise it needs, and if you cleanse your body of accumulated toxins, and if you care for your bioenergetic system you WILL thrive.

In this post I give you another piece of the puzzle to help you learn about supplying your body with the necessary nutrients.

Hypnotherapy is the best way to access the subconscious mind and bring all aspects of yourself into alignment.

Because of the variety of bodies, everyone should find an exercise program that suits them, but walking is the basic form of exercise that most people can and should do. My opinion is that walking with somatic awareness actually serves as a “reset” mechanism to release holding patterns.

Cleansing is another subject that demands addressing an individual’s requirements. obviously different toxins will require different cleansing methods that will need to be researched. But one general form of regular cleansing is the sauna. I recommend a weekly sauna followed by the intake of electrolytes (I can provide you with bioavailable minerals).

Diet also must be suited to the individual’s needs, but to begin, realize that we have been culturally programmed to accept processed “foods” as food. Return to the basics. A human being is “designed” to consume water, plants and animals from its environment. That’s all. This system is so complex that there is no possibility for substitute. For example, our intestines are only healthy when they are inoculated with bacteria from the environment. “Soil-based organisms” enter our gut when we eat freshly-picked plants from healthy soil.

Changing diet can be difficult for people. Hypnotherapy is the best and fastest way to address the difficulties that are presented by deeply-rooted beliefs about self and food and craving and satisfaction. It can be beneficial to change diet incrementally. As a first step, I recommend eliminating sugar from your diet. Not only sucrose, but maltose, fructose, etc., and DO NOT use artificial sweeteners. If you need to ween yourself from sweets, try stevia.

A documentary has been made on the subject of food and diet. I think it will be a valuable contribution to our quest for the right diet. search for the title “Hungry for Change”.

Assisting you to Thrive,

Tom Reed, CHt